Cell Phone Cameras Are Extremely Useful Following an Accident

The traditional method of exchanging information after an accident is to swap drivers licenses and insurance cards with all parties involved, and write down the relevant information on any spare paper you can find.  The important and obvious necessary information to collect is names, addresses, insurance companies, policy numbers, and witness contacts.  In a perfect world, this would be all the information necessary to begin a claim.  However, as an attorney who has represented hundreds of people injured in motor vehicle accidents, I find all to often that as the parties become removed from the accident, recollections change, and responsibility becomes far less concrete.

I encourage anyone involved in an accident to take advantage of the technology that we all possess.  Cell phone cameras are not just for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and otherwise making your friends jealous.

Your cell phone camera can be an amazing tool used to erase a great deal of doubt concerning your case.  Photograph the people involved in the accident, the witnesses, the insurance cards.  Photograph the position of the vehicles, the accident scene, and the damage to property.  This can be critical information you can use to refute false or mistaken claims.

The Philbrook Law Office has had several claims thankfully locked down by diligent clients who weren’t afraid to stand up for themselves at the scene of an accident by collecting this critical evidence.  One great example is a case that we recently settled for policy limits, where our client photographed the at fault party standing next to her damaged vehicle.  This person had a suspended license, was apparently afraid of the consequences, and therefore denied even being in an accident.  Her insurance company initially denied the claim based upon their client’s statement.  We then happily presented them with the photograph.  Rather than going to trial with a client who had already lied about even being in the accident, the insurance company paid full value on the claim.

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