Protecting Your CDL And Your Livelihood

The effects of multiple traffic tickets can have devastating effects if you are a commercial driver. Multiple infractions put your commercial driver’s license (CDL) at risk and keep you off the road, unable to earn a living.

At the Philbrook Law Office, I do not minimize the impact of any traffic violation. I have represented truck drivers from across the nation. Please do not hesitate to retain experienced legal counsel to fight for your rights.

If you are a commercial driver who was cited with a traffic violation in Clark County, Washington, contact me at 360-695-3309 or toll free at 888-352-4943.

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Traffic Tickets Require Immediate Action

Do not wait for multiple driving violations to contact our law firm. Three tickets within a two-year time span will result in a 60-day suspension. For two months, you will be unable to make a living as an operator of a commercial vehicle. You need to be proactive following your first citation and contact me, criminal defense attorney Matthew Philbrook.

Be Careful If Your Employer Offers To Pay

Even if your employer claims to have paid a ticket, you may discover that the infraction went unpaid. Suddenly, your license is suspended and you have to go to court to get back on the road. That is where I come in to help. We’ve represented hard-working truck drivers nationwide. Whether it be driving while suspended CDL, speeding, log book or trip permit violations, I can help.

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Keep Your CDL With The Help Of A Clark County Lawyer

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding your first traffic ticket or CDL license suspension, please contact me.