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Holding Washington state property owners accountable for slips and falls and other injuries

Property owners cannot place profit or convenience over the safety of anyone who has the right to be on their property. If you’re hurt while walking on a parking lot, a lobby, through the aisles of a store, or any part of a building or property, you can file a premises liability lawsuit to seek damages for your losses.

At Philbrook Law Office PS, our Vancouver, WA premises liability lawyers have obtained numerous verdicts and settlements for our clients, sending a strong message that the owners need to protect everyone who uses their facilities. We work aggressively to determine what caused your injury, what role the owner or operator’s negligence played in the incident, and the true cost of your losses. Contact us in Vancouver or Battle Ground, WA today to learn more.

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What are the three types of visitors to properties?

In Washington, the duty of care that any business, organization, or homeowner owes to a visitor depends on the reason the visitor was on the property. There are several categories of visitors. The duty of care for each category is as follows:

  • Invitee. Invitees are people who are invited onto the property, usually for retail or service-related needs. Shoppers, people seeing a physical therapist, locals buying gas – are all invitees when they’re on the property during business hours. The property owner owes invitees the highest duty of care to ensure the safety of the visitor.
  • Licensee. These are people who have the right to be on the property but weren’t specially invited onto the property. A common example is someone who uses the sidewalk of the property owner to get to another location. A licensee has permission to be on the property. The duty of care is generally lower than that of an invitee. Still, if a property owner knows of a danger – the property owner should either fix the danger or warn anyone who might be exposed to the danger.
  • Trespasser. Premises owners generally have no duty to keep their property safe for people who have no right to be on the property. Trespassers assume the risk of any dangers or hazards.

What is an attractive nuisance?

In Vancouver, there is one more duty of care which is owed to children: the attractive nuisance. Property owners should anticipate that children may be attracted to something on the property, such as a swimming pool or trampoline, even if they don’t have the right to be on the property. Owners should secure pools and other attractive nuisances from the curious eyes of a child.


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What are common causes of injury on unsafe premises in Washington?

At Philbrook Law Office, our Vancouver, WA premises liability lawyers represent anyone who is injured on the property of another due to:

  • A slip, trip, and fall. Property owners are liable for loose railings, torn carpets, damaged parking lots, and anything which might make someone slip and fall. Poor lighting, unmarked dangers (like wet floors), and damaged stairs can also lead to a slip, trip, and fall.
  • Being struck by an object. This includes being struck by falling merchandise or a collapsing display, or injured by a piece of work equipment or a workplace tool.
  • Animal attacks. Washington State is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites; if your pet bites someone, you can be held liable. (Exceptions apply if the person bitten was trespassing at the time.)
  • Attacks related to negligent security. Property owners should anticipate that their property is a dangerous location, or have unsafe areas within it. Shopping malls that don’t light their parking lots, hotels without security cameras, apartment buildings that don’t reinforce doors or locks: all of these entities can be held liable if you are hurt in an attack, or suffer an injury.
  • Construction and landscaping hazards. During construction, the site owners should ensure that pedestrians, car drivers, and everyone in the vicinity of the site be directed away from the site, and be warned of any dangerous paths. Site owners should also take precautions to protect their workers.
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Who is liable for a premises liability injury or death in Vancouver, WA?

In most every case where an invitee, licensee, or a child is injured or killed on the property of another, the property owner is liable for the injuries and death. Our experienced Vancouver, WA premises liability lawyers work to determine who else might be liable for your personal injury. The more defendants (and thus the more insurance) there are, the easier it may be to settle your case.

Additional defendants include:

  • Parent companies and subsidiaries of the property owner listed on the title to the property
  • The architects of the property
  • The engineers who designed the property
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Maintenance crews
  • Repair companies

What types of injuries occur in premises liability cases?

Survivors of falls, assaults, and other injuries on unsafe property may suffer:

  • Muscle, ligament, tissue, and nerve damage
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Head, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Cuts and bruises

Our Vancouver, WA premises liability lawyers work with your doctors and independent medical experts to fully understand and document your injuries and pain. In the most tragic case, a loved one dies. When the worst comes to pass, we guide families through this difficult time. We file wrongful death cases on behalf of the spouse, children, and any other relatives who are entitled to damages. We demand compensation for the funeral expenses, financial losses due to the death of the loved one, the loss of the companionship and support of the loved one, and other damages permitted by Washington state law.

Philbrook Law in WA

Experienced representation for injury victims in Oregon and Washington

At Philbrook Law Office, our Vancouver, WA premises liability lawyers have 20 years’ experience fighting for injury victims and the families of loved ones who are killed due to negligence. We’ve obtained several thousand settlements and verdicts – many for the insurance policy limits. To discuss your claim in a free consultation, please call our offices in Vancouver or Battle Ground, WA. You can reach us at 360-695-3309 or fill out our contact form. These claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. We proudly represent clients in Portland and throughout Oregon, too.

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