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Car crashes can end or change a life in an instant. Distracted drivers, drivers who speed, and any driver who fails to drive safely should be held accountable for the fatalities and injuries he or she causes. Whether you’re driving on I-5, I-205, SR 14, SR 500 or a local road or highway, you have the right to expect other drivers will follow the speed limits and obey the traffic rules. When they don’t, and you get hurt, we are here to help.

At Philbrook Law Office, PS, our experienced Vancouver car accident lawyers have helped thousands of accident victims hold negligent parties accountable for changing innocent lives. We demand compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and any other damages permitted by law. We work with investigators, physicians, and other professionals to help verify how the car crash occurred, and to show how severely you are hurt. Contact us today to get started on your case.


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How dangerous are Washington roads?

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, there were 52,605 traffic accidents in Washington State by the middle of September. Of those crashes:

  • 329 were fatal
  • 1,405 involved serious injuries
  • 4,992 involved minor injuries
  • 1,217 of them occurred in Vancouver

Accidents happen at intersections, on state and federal highways, in downtown areas, on the way to and from Portland, and on country roads.

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What are the most common causes of car accidents in Vancouver, WA?

According to WSDOT, the leading cause of car accidents leading to injury or death in Vancouver is driver negligence: errors made by either the driver, or by someone in another vehicle. Our skilled team of Vancouver car accident lawyers work to show what type of careless conduct caused the death of a loved one or caused your personal injuries. Once we understand the cause of the accident, we then seek to identify all possible defendants. Someone besides the driver may also be liable.

The most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted driving. Drivers who are distracted don’t have their hands on the steering wheel, don’t have their minds on traffic, and don’t have their eyes on the road. Common types of driver distraction include texting while driving, using a smartphone, eating, drinking, and looking at a GPS device.
  • Drunk and drugged driving. These are among the most dangerous drivers on the road. Drunk and drugged drivers don’t have control of their vehicles. Worse, defensive drivers can’t anticipate what actions an impaired driver might take.
  • Speeding. Driving above the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions is a major cause of car crashes. Speeding drivers can’t stop in time, often run through red lights and stop signs, and can’t handle turns.
  • Improper lane departures. Drivers need to properly pass or merge. They need to make sure they have enough room to pass and understand the positions of other cars when they merge. These accidents often cause sideswipes, and can cause drivers to be run off the road.
  • Driver fatigue. Tired drivers are dangerous drivers. A drowsy driver can cross lanes or medians, hit other cars, or crash into stationary objects.

Other causes of car accidents include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Defective and dangerous roadways
  • Defective car parts such as bad tires, faulty brakes, or inoperable air bags
  • Confusion in work zones
  • Intersection crashes

What kinds of car accidents can be caused by negligence?

Car accidents happen in many different ways. The way the crash occurs may help to determine who is liable. The most common types of collisions are:

  • Rear-end car accidents. These car collisions usually happen because the driver in the rear was speeding or was distracted. They’re the most common type of car crash.
  • Single-car accidents. In these case, injured parties like passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists have the right to hold the driver of the vehicle who causes the crash responsible. Often, the driver was speeding or was distracted.
  • T-Bone or broadside crashes. These accidents typically involve the front of one car striking the side of another car. They often occur at intersections. These car accidents cause fatalities, catastrophic injuries, and serious harm.
  • Sideswipes. Here, the sides of two cars collide. Sideswipes often happen when a car tries to pass improperly or merges improperly.
  • Multi-car crashes. Multi-car accident cases are very complex because there are multiple victims and multiple defendants. They often began as a single accident which spirals out of control as nearby cars try to avoid the original crash.
  • Head-on Collisions. In truth, these are the least common types of car crashes, but they’re often the deadliest. These accidents mainly happen because one driver was going the wrong way. Drunk drivers and distracted drivers are the primary culprits.

Our Vancouver accident attorneys work with investigators, the police, the victims, and any witnesses to verify just how the car accident occurred. We can also help if you've been injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle.

Who’s responsible for a Vancouver car accident?

Sometimes, there are multiple parties who can be liable for a wreck. Depending on the circumstances of your case, any of the following could be held responsible:

  • The driver
  • The owner of the vehicle
  • A third party such as a shipping company if a truck crashed into your car
  • The manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of defective cars and car parts
  • The government if it failed to maintain the road

Based on Washington’s dram shop law, it’s illegal to sell liquor to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. A tavern, hotel, or other seller may be liable for any deaths or injuries the intoxicated person causes when he or she drives drunk.

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Injuries caused by car accidents

Crash victims, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders, may suffer physical injuries as well as psychological injuries as a result of a crash. Our Vancouver car accident lawyers represent clients who have suffered:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Muscle, ligament, nerve, and tissue damage
  • Burn injuries
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Burn injuries

In the worst cases, the victims are killed by a negligent driver. The family then has the right to file a wrongful death case against any people or companies that caused the death on behalf of the beneficiaries.

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What happens if I get into an accident with an uninsured/underinsured motorist?

Washington requires that car owners have the following minimum insurance coverage:

  • $25,000 for injuries or death to another person
  • $50,000 for injuries or death to all other people
  • $10,000 for damage to another person's property

But the truth it, this isn’t nearly enough coverage. Even “simple” cases, where the victim heals without surgical invention, can cost a larger sum. Spending time in a hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If the injury is catastrophic and permanent, like a spinal cord injury, the costs of care can skyrocket into the millions.

This is why having UM/UIM insurance is so important: it can help make up the deficit of your losses if the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance. If you can afford to purchase more than the state minimums, you should; the more coverage you have, the better off you could be in the event of a tragic accident.

Philbrook Law in WA

How can Philbrook Law Office help after a car accident?

Our attorneys take our clients’ cases seriously. We work with investigators and accident reconstruction experts to understand how the crash happened, and work with your doctors to make sure we accurately value the expenses for your injuries. We’ll talk with your boss, too, to better understand your job role, so we can show how your injuries make it impossible for you to work. We’ll spend time with your neighbors and friends to show how your injuries have affected your day-to-day life.

Our attorneys are skilled trial attorneys, which means every case is prepared to go before a jury. Because of this, we often receive better settlement offers for our clients from the start, which puts us in an even better position to negotiate an award that’s fair and just for you.

Is your car accident lawyer near me?

Philbrook Law Office is located in Vancouver, but we serve clients in the greater Portland area, and throughout Oregon and Washington. Rest assured, however, that if you are critically injured and unable to come to us, we will travel to visit you in the hospital or rehabilitation center. We also offer virtual conferences and telephone consultations.

Contact the car accident lawyers at Philbrook Law in Washington or Oregon today

Difficult times require experienced lawyers. At Philbrook Law, our lawyers understand just how traumatic any car accident is. We explain and guide you through each phase of the litigation process. We work with your doctors to fully understand your injuries and how they’ve changed your life. We have a strong track record of holding responsible parties accountable. Our firm often settles cases, but we’re ready to try them when required. To schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Vancouver or Battle Ground, WA, please call 360-695-3309 or complete our contact form. We handle car accidents on a contingency fee basis. We proudly serve clients in the greater Portland area, and throughout Oregon and Washington.

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