Most Dangerous Intersections in Vancouver, WA

Dangerous Intersections Vancouver, WA

If you live or work in Vancouver, Washington, it’s a good idea to know where the most dangerous intersections are located. If you know where accidents often happen, you can either plan alternate routes or you can take extra safety precautions at those intersections.

According to The Columbian, Vancouver has the highest rate of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries in the state. The Columbian referenced data from the city which listed the intersections that would benefit most from safety improvement. Generally, the most dangerous intersections happened on Mill Plain or Fourth Plain boulevards.

What are the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver?

  • Mill Plain and Chkalov. Leading the list of worst intersections was Mill Plain Boulevard and Chkalov Drive, where in a recent year there were 80 crashes, five of which caused “fatalities or serious injuries, and seven of which involved pedestrians or bikes.” This intersection is super busy. In fact, being located off the I-205 exit ramps, it’s one of the most-used intersections in Clark County.
  • Mill Plain Boulevard at Southeast 164th Avenue. Per The Colombian, this was the second most dangerous intersection in Vancouver, WA. There were 52 crashes at that location involving 3 “fatalities or serious injuries and seven pedestrian or bike crashes.”
  • Mill Plain and 98th Avenue. Another Mill Plain intersection which has been the scene of its fair share of accidents is Mill Plain and 98th Avenue. As you may already know, Mill Plain does curve northward at this intersection. Also, lots of buildings are located near the junction. People also tend to run through the red lights regularly, for some reason.
  • Reserve and Evergreen. Another intersection that is dangerous is Reserve and Evergreen. When you are going downhill, you may find that running the stop sign is all too easy. Fortunately, traffic going downhill isn’t too congested most of the time. However, it’s an area where you should exercise extra caution.
  • NE Hazel Dell Avenue, Main Street & I-5. This intersection has been the scene of some nasty accidents over the years. The road has a curve and angle that inhibit visibility on the right. Suggested improvements include more efficient light timing and removing the existing yield sign.

Why are intersection accidents so dangerous?

Intersection accidents aren’t just a danger to vehicles. Many intersections cause deadly or serious injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.

What are the causes of dangerous intersection accidents?

Some of the causes include:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Multiple lanes
  • Poor visibility
  • More than two lanes that intersect
  • Traffic lights and signs that aren’t clear
  • Roadways that curve
  • Roadways that are inclined
  • Driver distraction

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How can you avoid dangerous intersections?

You can use Google Maps, Waze, and other apps that direct you to your destination by taking alternate roads. Normally, you just need to designate your location and your destination. The apps then set your path and give voice instructions so you don’t have to look at the app while you drive. Be sure to create the initial path before you turn the keys.

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