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Fighting for the rights of the accused in Vancouver, Battle Ground, and throughout Washington State

Criminal charges are frightening. Being arrested means the powers of the State are lined up against you. Your freedom and your reputation are in danger. If you’re arrested for any crime, you need a strong experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for you from the start.

At Philbrook Law Office, PS, we know what’s on the line for you. We know what’s on the line for your family. Our criminal defense attorneys in Vancouver and Battle Ground, WA are skilled at cross-examining witnesses, reviewing when you should testify, and arguing every point of law and every fact in your favor. When a trial isn’t favorable, we pursue other solutions that keep your record – and your future – clean and clear. Contact us today to get started on your case.

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Aggressive representation for misdemeanor and felony charges

Our criminal defense lawyers handle Class A, B, and C felonies, misdemeanors, and gross misdemeanors. There is no case too complex for us to handle. Contact us if you are facing charges for:

  • Drug crimes. Possession, trafficking, and sale of controlled substances can lead to jail time and heavy fines at best, and permanent loss of rights at worst. If you are facing charges involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or prescription drugs, call us today.
  • Domestic Violence. Domestic violence accusations can ruin a life even when they’re proved false. We need to move swiftly and aggressively if you have been accused, or if charges are pending, because of Washington’s mandatory arrest statute and red flag laws.
  • Assault. We defend against charges of assault in the first, second, third, or fourth degree, reckless endangerment, assaults of children, and other offenses and assault crimes.
  • Traffic Violations. We represent Washington residents and out-of-state drivers charged with speeding, reckless driving, or any traffic violation on a Washington road or highway.
  • DUI and Drugged Driving. First-time offenders face jail time – though there are alternatives such as electronic home detention and 24/7 hour sobriety monitoring which may be available. Our Vancouver DUI lawyers contest the right of the police to stop you and the validity of any field sobriety tests, breath tests, or blood tests. We also represent clients in hearings.
  • Theft. Theft crimes involve “wrongfully obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over the property or services of another or the value thereof, with intent to deprive him or her of such property or services” and other offenses that deprive an owner of his/her property (including checks, vehicles, livestock, and identity). We represent theft crimes of all value. We also defend people charged with extortion, possession of stolen property – and any theft crimes that also include acts of violence, including robbery.
  • Vehicular Manslaughter. Defendants who drive recklessly, drive under the influence, or drive while disregarding the safety of another can be charged with this crime if a victim dies within three years of the incident.
  • “White Collar” Crimes. At Philbrook Law Office, PS, we fight for defendants charged with embezzlement, RICO violations, money laundering, fraud, or any type of white collar crime.

In certain cases, you may face additional charges and penalties for weapons enhancements, or multiple counts of the same crime. The collateral damages of a criminal conviction can be severe, and Philbrook Law Office is ready to defend your rights no matter what you’re up against. Call today.


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Will I have to face a jury in a criminal trial?

Not necessarily. Washington State offers numerous alternatives to guilty pleas and/or incarceration. These options may be available for first-time offenders, as well as those with certain charges on their records.

  • Plea bargains to lesser charges
  • Therapeutic courts such as adult drug courts, juvenile drug courts, DUI drug courts, and Veterans Court drug courts
  • Domestic violation Stipulation Orders of Continuance (SOCs)
  • Diversion programs for non-violent first-time offenders
Philbrook Law in WA

Can I clear my criminal record in Washington State?

Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to vacate offenses from your record. Our Vancouver defense lawyers work to vacate criminal charges of misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors as authorized by RCW 9.96.060. We also seek to vacate convictions of felonies based on Washington’s new law effective July 2019.

Philbrook Law in WA

How our Vancouver, WA criminal defense attorneys can help

When you are facing charges, you need a Vancouver criminal defense lawyer who understands more than just the laws and court procedures. You need a skilled lawyer who understands the practical ins and outs of trying your case – someone who will work for your immediate release based on little or no bail. You need someone who understands how to question police officers aggressively while also working with the police and prosecutors, when negotiation of the charges is possible. You need a lawyer who understands when and how to press to have evidence excluded, how to select a jury, and how to argue your case in court.

The team at Philbrook Law has years of experience in this arena. We know how important it is to your future that we get it right from the start. That is why we are with you at every step:

At the preliminary hearing, our representation includes:

  • Working to show there isn’t enough probable cause to send the case to trial – that the case should be dismissed
  • Getting the witnesses on record so that we can attack their credibility if they change their story between the hearing date and the trial date
  • Learning how strong or how weak the prosecution’s case is
  • Exploring with the district attorney or prosecutor if a negotiated plea is possible.

At the suppression hearing, we work to exclude any evidence:

  • That was illegally obtained in violation of your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent
  • That was illegally obtained in violation of your Sixth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and free from searches that aren’t based on warrants
  • That is invalid because the chain of custody of the evidence was broken
  • That is invalid because the devices, such as breath test devices, are unreliable
  • Based on legal arguments that apply to your charges regarding the inadmissibility of evidence
  • Based on unfair lineups or biases of the prosecution witnesses

At the trial, we fight for you by:

  • Holding the government to its duty to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Working to select a jury of your peers that are unbiased
  • Confronting all witnesses against you
  • Presenting all witnesses on your behalf
  • Raising objections throughout the trial to the evidence and testimony of the prosecution

At every phase of the case, we raise the legal and factual arguments to make your defense as strong as possible. We’re on your side and by your side at every step of the way.

Is your criminal defense lawyer near me?

The Philbrook Law Office is located in Vancouver, but we represent clients in the greater Portland area, and throughout Oregon and Washington.

Contact Philbrook Law Office if you or a loved one was arrested in Washington or Oregon

At Philbrook Law Office, our Vancouver criminal defense lawyers have been fighting for defendants for 20 years. We move quickly to protect your Constitutional rights and to develop a strategy to defend the charges against you. We file motions to help obtain dismissals. We’re ready to try your case before a jury if need be. In many cases, we’re able to negotiate a plea or arrange for an alternative to jail. To speak with our skilled defense attorneys at one of our offices in Vancouver or Battle Ground, WA, please call 360-695-3309 or fill out our contact form. We represent clients in the greater Portland area, and throughout Oregon and Washington.

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