Battle Ground criminal defense lawyer

Battle Ground Criminal Defense Lawyers

Fighting for the accused in Washington

At Philbrook Law Office, PS, we have 20 years’ experience fighting for people accused of crimes in Battle Ground and throughout Washington and Oregon. We do more than fight to keep you out of jail. We work aggressively to obtain dismissals of the charges based on lack of evidence, assertion of your Constitutional rights, and factual defenses to the charges. Our experienced trial lawyers argue before juries that the prosecution has failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. When it’s in your best interest, we work to negotiate plea bargains where you plead guilty – but to less serious charges.

In some cases, you may be eligible for alternative sentencing programs such as drug courts and first-time waiver programs. These programs focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment.

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Experienced Battle Ground defense lawyers on your side and by your side

Our Battle Ground criminal defense attorneys represent defendants at bail hearings, arraignments, preliminary hearings, motion court, trial, and appeals. We represent clients in federal court, state court, juvenile court, and therapeutic courts when they are facing charges of:

  • Traffic violations. We represent Washington residents and out-of-state drivers charged with speeding, reckless driving, or any traffic violation on a Washington road or highway.
  • Drug crimes. We fight for defendants charged with crimes  involving controlled substances, prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana. These crimes include possession, possession with intent to deliver, manufacturing, delivering, and importing drugs, drug DUI, and related offenses.
  • Assault. We defend first, second, third, or fourth degree assault charges, reckless endangerment, assaults of children, robbery, and other acts of violence. Defenses include self-defense and protection of others.
  • Domestic violence. Crimes against family members or someone you had a dating relationship with generally are considered domestic crimes.
  • DUI. One of our largest areas of representation are charges of driving under the influence – of alcohol or narcotics. We fight to exclude the results of chemical tests and field sobriety tests, and to challenge the basis for your arrest. We review alternatives to sentencing such as around- the-clock sobriety monitoring and electronic home detention. Drivers who lose their license may be eligible for a restricted driver’s license.
  • Vehicular manslaughter. This crime can be charged if a driver drives under the influence, is reckless, or disregards the safety of others – causing a victim to die within three years of the incident.
  • Theft. We represent defendants charged with first, second, and third degree thefts – and with other types of theft crimes including mail theft, extortion, and identity theft. Common defenses include lack of specific intent, showing that the value is less than claimed, and a reasonable belief of entitlement to the property or services.
  • White collar claims. If you are charged with embezzlement, RICO violations, bribery, fraud, or money laundering, our Battle Ground defense lawyers are ready to help you get justice.
  • Robbery. Theft combined with force constitutes robbery. First and second degree robbery offenses are felonies.

If you are convicted of committing a crime with a weapon, you’re looking at more jail time and a bigger fine.

Alternatives to convictions and sentencing for criminal charges in Battle Ground

A criminal conviction can change everything. Aside from the fines, fees, and jail time – all of which are terrible enough – you could suffer considerable collateral damage in your personal life, your employment, and even your housing. The good news is that for some less serious offenses, there are alternatives. We explain when the following options may be available.

  • Vacating offenses. RCW 9.96.060 authorizes that some gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors can be vacated. A new Washington law also authorizes vacating some felony convictions.
  • Diversion programs. These programs generally require the defendant plead guilty to a charge with the understanding that sentencing will focus on rehabilitation instead of prison time. Examples of Washington diversion programs include:
    • Adult drug courts, juvenile drug courts, DUI drug courts, and Veterans Drug Court
    • Diversion programs for juveniles.
    • Domestic violation Stipulation Orders of Continuance (SOCs).
    • Non-violent first-time offender programs
    • Other Clark County diversion programs

In some cases, such as juvenile court cases, the charges may be dismissed or vacated on completion of the rehab programs and conditions.

Philbrook Law in WA

How do our Battle Ground criminal defense lawyers fight for you?

Our lawyers fight for clients every step of the way. We intervene immediately by informing police officers and prosecutors that all comments and questions are to come through us. We speak for you. We fight for you:

  • At the preliminary hearing. We fight to show the case should not be sent to trial. We preserve the testimony of witnesses against you so we can attack their credibility if they change their story. We conduct cross- examinations to learn the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case.
  • At suppression hearings. At these hearings, we seek to have physical evidence and statements suppressed because:
    • They were obtained in violation of your Constitutional rights
    • Violated the chain of custody requirements
    • The tests used were invalid
    • Lineups and other evidence violated your due process rights
  • At the trial. We question the witnesses against you, help select fair juries, raise objections to evidence, plead your case before the judge, and make arguments to the juries about the weakness of the government’s case.

We also fight, at the appropriate stage of your case, to seek a plea bargain if the plea bargain is in your best interest.

Philbrook Law in WA

Are there justifiable defenses?

Washington does recognize different types of legal defenses in addition to the factual ones. These defenses include:

  • Lawful use of force – such as in self defense
  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Insanity
  • Failure of the government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt

Many other defenses may also apply.

Philbrook Law in WA

Contact Philbrook Law Office in Battle Ground, WA for any type of criminal charge

At Philbrook Law Office, our Battle Ground criminal defense lawyers understand how scary it is to be arrested and to face the prospect of losing your freedom. We guide criminal defendants through each stage of the trial process. We have obtained dismissals of charges. We have negotiated plea bargains. We do try cases before juries. We fight to obtain alternatives to sentencing. To speak with an experienced, aggressive defense lawyer at our office in Battle Ground, WA, please call 360-695-3309 or fill out our contact form. We maintain another office in Vancouver, WA, and also represent clients in Portland and throughout Oregon.