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Vancouver is the fourth largest city in Washington and is the county seat for Clark County. The city is continuing to expand and develop. New construction projects can be seen throughout the city and along Vancouver’s highways and roads. The companies that run the construction sites that manage this new development owe a duty of care to their workers and contractors to ensure their safety. These construction site owners also owe a duty of care to drivers and pedestrians who come into contact with the construction sites.

When the owners and managers of these sites fail to protect their visitors and workers, they deserve to be held accountable. At Philbrook Law Office, PS, our Vancouver, WA construction site attorneys have been fighting for injury victims for 20 years. During that time we’ve obtained strong settlements and verdicts in more than 2,000 cases. If you were hurt on a construction site in Washington or Oregon, contact us to find out more.


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What kinds of claims can you file if you’re hurt on a construction site?

How you were injured, and your relationship to the construction site, can determine what type of claim you file:

  • Wrongful death claims. Families of non-employees have the right to file a wrongful death claim against the construction site, product manufacturers, and other responsible parties for the loss of their loved one. Though damages can never compensate for the tragic loss of a life, Washington does award wrongful death damages for:
    • The cost of the funeral and burial
    • The financial losses the family suffers due to the loved one’s premature death
    • The loss of the society, guidance, and comfort the loved one would have provided
    • Any medical bills for the decedent
  • Personal injury claims. Site visitors, contract workers, and employees whose personal injuries are so severe that workers’ compensation cannot cover them have the right to file a claim for:
    • Medical expenses
    • Lost income due to an inability to work
    • Pain and suffering
    • Scarring and disfigurement
    • Loss of function
    • Loss of consortium
  • Workers’ compensation claims. Employees can file workers’ compensation claims. Damages include payment of all medical bills, about 67% of the worker’s lost wages, and damages for a permanent disability. Death benefits are awarded which provide for payment of the funeral expenses and a financial payment. We work with experienced workers’ compensation attorneys.
  • Product liability claims. If a maker of a forklift, ladder, scaffold, or any tool or piece of equipment makes a defective product, the injured victim can file a product liability claim against the manufacturers and sellers. Both employees and non-employees can file a product liability claim.
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What are the common causes of Vancouver, WA construction accidents?

Many construction accidents are due to one of the following causes:

  • Slips and falls. Workers are at constant risk of falling due to holes, changing surfaces, uneven surfaces, extension cords, and other loose objects.
  • Falls from heights. Workers on scaffolds, high beams, roofs, and ladders who fall are likely to die or suffer catastrophic injury such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage.
  • Crane collapses. Workers should be trained on how to use these devices and safeguards should be in place to keep the crane from tipping. If it collapses, the destruction it causes can be severe.
  • Forklift accidents. Forklift injuries are a common cause of crushing injuries, broken bones, and other permanent or serious harm.
  • Fires and gas leaks. Victims can suffer severe second and third-degree burns, asphyxiation, and other injuries.
  • Explosions. These can cause materials all around the victim to shatter – cause loss of vision, loss of hearing, amputations, and other catastrophic harm.
  • Electrical construction accidents. Many workers use equipment and tools that use overhead wires, extension wires, generators, and other electrical sources which can take a life in an instant.
  • Repetitive stress injuries. Workers who use jackhammers and other tools on a constant day-in day-out basis may suffer carpal tunnel damage and injuries to their head, neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Exposure to chemicals. Victims can suffer in two ways: breathing in the dangerous vapors and suffering when the chemicals come into contact with the skin. If a toxic chemical is allowed to spread, people outside the immediate radius of the incident could also be harmed.
  • Vehicle accidents. Construction work involves a lot of vehicles – trucks, bulldozers, and other sturdy vehicles. Drivers and workers can easily be hurt if the loads fall or the vehicle strikes a worker. You can suffer injuries if you are hurt in a work zone, or if construction crews enter main highways and roads.

Construction site injuries regularly require ER care, hospitalization, visits with specialists such as orthopedists and pain management doctors, and long-term physical and occupational therapy.

Who’s responsible for a construction accident in Vancouver, WA?

Our experienced construction accident lawyers work aggressively to hold every person or company that caused you harm accountable for your damages. In many cases, multiple defendants may be liable. In workers’ compensation cases, the employer is liable through its insurance carrier.

In personal injury cases, including wrongful death cases, the following defendants may be liable:

  • The construction site owner. The owner’s liability is based on premises liability law and general negligence laws. Owners must follow federal, state, and local building and safety regulations.
  • Any prime or secondary contractors. Most construction sites are built with a variety of contractors including masonry, electrical, and plumbing contractors.
  • Architects and engineers. Construction companies often hire architects and engineers to design and supervise the construction. These professionals should be held liable for faulty designs and negligent supervision.
  • Product manufacturers, distributors, and sellers. Makers and sellers of defective machines, equipment, and tools are strictly liable if a defective product causes harm.

The city of Vancouver, WA and other governmental agencies may also be liable for accidents caused in roadway construction accidents and other types of construction that the government designs or monitors.

Which laws and documents govern construction in Washington State?

Part and parcel of every construction accident case are the rules and legal obligations of construction site owners. Our Vancouver, WA construction accident lawyers review:

  • All written contracts. Contracts between owners, contractors, vendors, and others help determine who was responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone at the site.
  • OSHA rules and regulations. Construction site owners and others who participate in the construction are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • State and local building codes. Building codes regulate how the work should be done, what materials and supplies should be used, and general construction standards.

In addition, there are industry standards for each type of construction project.

Contact a respected Vancouver, WA construction accident attorney today

It’s critical that you speak with an experienced Vancouver, WA construction accident lawyer as soon as possible. We need to examine the construction site as quickly as possible to verify how the accident occurred and to analyze what safety steps should have been taken. At Philbrook Law Office, we work to settle your claim for the insurance policy limits. We’re ready to try your case before a jury if the insurance carriers won’t make a reasonable settlement offer. To schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Vancouver or Battle Ground, WA, please call 360-695-3309 or complete our contact form. We also serve the greater Portland area and Oregon State.

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