What States Love Pickup Trucks the Most – and Where Does WA Fall?

What States Love Pickup Trucks the Most – and Where Does WA Fall? The pickup truck is a highly versatile, visually appealing, and powerful vehicle, capable of taking you and your loved ones just about anywhere you need to go. Although it might not beat a sports car in a race, it still packs a horsepower punch. In states with vast, open roads and abundant outdoor recreational activities, the allure of a pickup that doubles as a campsite or tailgate party venue is even greater.

We’re well aware of this here in Vancouver, where residents love their pickups and everything that comes along with them. Unfortunately, today’s pickups can be dangerous to other passenger vehicles and pedestrians when paired with reckless driving habits. To mitigate this risk, it is crucial to understand the hazards of these vehicles as well as your rights after a collision. Of course, outlawing pickup trucks would be impractical and unnecessary, but being aware of their risks and dangers their dangers can make them safer for everyone.

How pickup trucks contribute to deadly accidents in Washington

Despite appearances, not every driver on Vancouver’s roads owns a pickup truck. In fact, only about 17% of drivers do. However, this number isn’t insignificant, particularly since it appears to be growing over time. More pickups on the road lead to more opportunities for pickup truck accidents.

Maneuvering a larger, heavier vehicle like a pickup truck around sharp turns and lane changes requires skill and experience, which not all drivers possess. This is a leading cause of pickup truck accidents. Remember, driving a larger vehicle comes with different centers of gravity, larger turning circles, and more blind spots, necessitating constant attention to drive them safely.

Moreover, the type of pickup truck drivers tend to select is also significant. Studies indicate that people prefer trucks that emphasize power and amenities over functionality and reliability. In other words, they prioritize aesthetics and size over safety. Further, this trend is increasing across the country, including Washington, resulting in even heavier and larger pickups. When operated by inexperienced or negligent drivers, these heavier, larger, and less reliable pickups can pose a significant threat on the road.

What can happen during a pickup truck accident?

While any car accident can result in severe, life-threatening injuries that necessitate years of costly medical care and accommodations, the risks associated with such incidents can vary based on a range of factors, including vehicle size. Larger, heavier vehicles not only increase the likelihood of fatalities in accidents but also pose a greater risk to individuals who are below average adult male height.

Generally, women are always at a higher risk of serious injury or death in car accidents, but current pickup trucks are particularly dangerous due to their headlights being at chest height for female pedestrians, children, and individuals in wheelchairs, among others. In contrast, sedans tend to be closer to knee height. When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, they are at risk of being thrown, which significantly increases their chances of suffering severe injuries, particularly traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions or skull fractures. These injuries, especially when combined with other physical trauma, can permanently disable an individual or, in some cases, be fatal.

As you can see, this risk should not be taken lightly. While pickup trucks will continue to be a common sight on the roads, it is important to take preventative measures and understand how to safeguard yourself and your rights following an accident, particularly given how many people in our communities own them. Protective measures can include:

  • Allowing additional space for pickups behind and in front of you
  • Taking extra caution when crossing the street
  • Remaining alert and sober behind the wheel

If an accident occurs due to another driver’s negligence, and particularly if it results in serious injury, your first step after receiving medical attention should be to contact a personal injury attorney who can assist you.

Who is liable for my Vancouver, WA pickup truck accident?

Determining liability for a pickup truck accident will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident. However, liability typically lies with the party who was at fault or negligent in causing the accident. This could be the driver of the pickup truck, another driver, or even a third party such as a municipality responsible for maintaining the roads.

To establish liability, an investigation will need to take place to determine the cause of the accident. This may involve gathering evidence, such as witness statements, police reports, and video footage. Once your attorney establishes liability, they’ll work to hold the responsible party accountable for any damages incurred, including medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

It’s important to note that Washington is a “fault” insurance state, which means that the insurance company of the at-fault driver is responsible for paying damages to the other driver. Our attorneys can explain how the insurance and legal process works in a consultation.

If you were injured in an accident with a pickup truck, or any type of vehicle, talk to the experienced lawyers at Philbrook Law Office today. We can put our network of resources to work for you. To find out how we can secure financial compensation for you after your accident, call us or use our contact page. We have offices in Vancouver, WA as well as Battle Ground. We will fight for you.