Clark County truck drivers: How to retain your CDL after a ticket

If you’re a truck driver, you know that holding onto your commercial driver’s license is the difference between maintaining a steady job and being out of work. One serious ticketed offense or a series of multiple tickets can keep you off the road and suddenly unable to earn a liveable wage. As a truck driver, it’s important you remain proactive when ticketed and choose experienced legal counsel to protect yourself from a potential CDL suspension.

How can a Clark County truck driver lose their CDL?

Depending on the severity of the ticket, a commercial truck driver can face an array of consequences, ranging from warnings to full suspensions. For serious crimes, such as vehicular manslaughter or operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, those drivers would likely lose their CDLs and may not be given the chance to receive another commercial license again.

On the other hand, for less serious crimes, such as speeding or improper parking, the consequences are generally far less severe. That is, unless if a truck driver receives more than one ticket in a specified amount of time. In the state of Washington, a truck driver who receives 2 tickets within a 3-year time span will face a 60-day suspension. That means 2 months of no pay. Drivers will lose their commercial licenses for 120 days if they get a 3rd violation within 3 years.

Washington state truck drivers charged with DUI

If you’re a commercial truck driver charged with a DUI, your CDL will be suspended for a predetermined amount of time.

For a 1st offense, your CDL is suspended for:

  • 1 year
  • 3 years if the vehicle you were driving contained hazardous materials

For a 2nd DUI offense , your CDL is suspended for life. Additionally, if a police officer detects any amount of alcohol in your system while driving a commercial vehicle, you will be placed out of service for 24 hours and may face further charges.

Choose a Clark County traffic lawyer

The biggest benefits to using a traffic violations attorney when contesting your ticket is that he or she will know the ins and outs of traffic court, including how to identify flaws in the case against you and strategies for lessening penalties. In addition, a Clark County traffic lawyer will know the prosecutor, attorneys and other legal staff working in court. This past relationship is great for knowing how to approach specific traffic violation cases as well as how to deal with differing personalities in court. To often people decide to represent themselves, explain their side of the story, and expect the judge to decide in their favor. This strategy’s only hope for success is if the Judge trusts you more than the police officer. And, that is generally a contest you will not win.

It’s critical that you hire strong legal representation to fight for your rights as soon as you receive your first ticket. The potential fallout from losing your CDL can result in lost wages, unpaid bills and potentially a lot of financial stress on you and your loves ones. If you’re a truck driver who’s received tickets while on the job or has had your CDL suspended, give us a call at Philbrook Law and speak to one of our experienced professionals to begin the legal process.

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