Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

At the Philbrook Law Office, I represent Washington residents charged with serious drug crimes. The key to successful defense of drug crimes is not only details, but also a clear understanding of our 4th Amendment right to privacy, and Article 1 Section 7 of the Washington State Constitution. You have a right to be safe from government intrusion in your home and vehicle. With the exception of some carefully drawn exceptions, if the police do not have a warrant, they have no right to search your private property.

Do not put such an important criminal matter in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney. For help, contact me at 360-695-3309 or toll free at 888-352-4943.

Getting To The Facts

At the Philbrook Law Office, I get to work immediately following the free initial consultation. I obtain the search warrant affidavit and quickly dissect the issues. If I discover that your rights were violated at any step in the process, the proper motions are then filed.

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Exploring All Options For You

Conviction of a drug offense involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or prescription drugs can carry severe sentences at the misdemeanor or felony levels. If the alleged crime was committed close to a school, enhancements can be placed on a sentence. Any drug conviction will make you ineligible to secure federal student aid or subsidized loans.

In many drug possession cases, addiction becomes an issue. In those situations, I can see that you become eligible for specialty courts or alternative sentence treatment programs. If a defendant enters Drug Court, a jail sentence is stayed during a period in which the defendant attends mandatory court appearances.

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