Strong Defense Against Theft Crimes

If you have been charged with robbery or theft, you need immediate representation from an attorney experienced in this area of criminal law. At the Philbrook Law Office, I provide effective and aggressive representation of area residents facing serious crimes. Years of experience have provided me a thorough knowledge of the law, and respect from prosecutors and judges.

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Protecting Good People Caught In Bad Circumstances

Many theft cases I handle at the Philbrook Law Office involve shoplifting. Due to the attitude of big-box store security personal, an oversight can result in an embarrassing arrest and a “Scarlet Letter” of dishonesty. Essentially, the state must prove that you intentionally took action to deprive a store of their property. In many shoplifting-related matters, an item forgotten in a cart and taken outside the building results in serious criminal charges.

Theft Is Not A Minor Issue

Diversion programs exist for theft crimes that can keep you out of jail. However, this “crime of dishonesty” can have an impact on your future job opportunities. Before you enter into any deals with the state, please contact The Philbrook Law Office for a consultation.

The Difference Between Theft And Robbery

Most people use these terms interchangeably, but under Washington’s laws, they are quite different. Robbery involves the use of force and is felony offense. I have successfully defended and negotiated numerous robbery cases. I understand the key to success is a thorough investigation of the State’s evidence, and knowledge of the law.

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