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Your clean driving record is too important for you to let it be taken away. Most drivers, or CDL truck drivers, cited with moving violations are not dangerous on the road or deserving of fines, elevated insurance rates, and damage to reputation. Most drivers are doing no more or less than the traffic around them when they are singled out for speeding or alleged to have committed other traffic violations.

The good news is, The Philbrook Law Office will fight Clark County, Washington, Traffic Infractions, and we will do everything within the law to win. Also, once you provide us with the relevant information, your job is often done. There will be no court appearance or testimony, just a friendly call with good news concerning the outcome.

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Even if the trooper says he has laser or radar evidence, we can beat the allegation. Matthew Philbrook has been successfully fighting traffic violations in Clark County for over 15 years. Based on our knowledge, experience and mastery of the driving statute and court rules, we are confident to take on any ticket.

A frustrating experience we often hear about is when a driver is cited with Negligent Driving, Following too Close, or Speed too Fast For Conditions after they are involved in a collision that the Trooper did not even witness. The Trooper often says something like, “Sorry, I have to cite someone.” The truth of the matter is they don’t have to cite someone, and it is irresponsible and unlawful for the State to pursue a violation without evidence to support it. These are heavy penalty cases, but if you hire The Philbrook Law Office for a flat fee, often lower than the ticket, we have the power to beat it.

It is possible to keep a traffic violation off your driving record. The first step is to contact our Vancouver, Washington, law office at 360-695-3309 or toll free at 888-352-4943.

Avoid Points on your Record

The Philbrook Law Office has teamed with a group of like-minded and skilled attorneys throughout the State of Washington to fight infractions.  The result is our online submission application, PickIT 4UR Ticket, where you can submit your ticket information and pay a flat fee which is often times less than the price of the fine the State is trying to impose.  Quite simply, it’s quick, easy, and always makes sense.

If online submission is not in your comfort zone, please do not hesitate to contact The Philbrook Law Office at 360-695-3309.  Our office will be there to answer any questions, and quickly and easily begin the process of protecting your driving record.

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