Traffic Tickets Can End Up Costing You More Than Just Fines

Getting a speeding ticket and paying the fine may seem like an automatic process. However, an immediate admission of guilt ignores errors made by the police officer, and the state’s burden of proof. Multiple infractions add up over time, affecting your insurance rates and leading to possible license suspension and revocation.

At the Philbrook Law Office, I represent clients cited with various traffic offenses ranging from negligent driving to speeding involving laser, radar, pace and aircraft. I have an unparalleled record of success.

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How To Keep Your Driving Record Clean

As skeptical as you may be, it is possible to have a moving violation thrown out of court with my help. Satisfied clients throughout the state of Washington can attest to my ability to identify where the officer’s affidavit falls short, and knowledge of what arguments work.

The Issue Of Negligent Driving

I am constantly frustrated with the fact that when a traffic accident occurs, one of the parties is going to be cited with negligent driving. Despite having no first-hand knowledge of the facts, the investigating officer will make a determination, and submit a sworn affidavit to the court as to who is at fault.

Negligent driving tickets can significantly increase insurance rates, and have an adverse effect on personal injury claims. For years, I have defended these cases without flaw. An officer cannot rightfully swear to something he or she did not see. If you have been cited for negligent driving in Clark County, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

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