If someone files a complaint alleging domestic violence against you, a police offer may show up at your door and an arrest will occur. No matter what form the abuse takes, domestic violence can have devastating, life-changing effects on victims regardless of their age, gender, or socioeconomic standing. But what happens if you have been taken from your home and charged with a serious, life-changing crime that you have been falsely accused of?

False Accusations of Domestic Violence Are More Common Than You Might Think

While the number of people who suffer from domestic violence is startling, sometimes there are some that are false accusations. Even if you know you have been falsely accused, an officer will take the word of the victim first and wait to be proven otherwise. Some domestic violence arrests will result in a temporary “no-contact” order. But if a conviction is made, this order will continue indefinitely, and other consequences will most likely follow.

Potential Consequences of Being Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

As domestic violence lawyers with offices in Vancouver and Battle Ground, WA, we can tell you that being falsely accused of domestic violence can yield consequences that are nothing short of traumatizing. For starters, an accusation of domestic violence can lead to your arrest and booking into jail.

Loss of Rights & Credibility

If you’re accused of domestic violence, you can lose your right to possess and use firearms, at least temporarily. Being accused of domestic violence may make it unlikely that you’ll be able to rent an apartment or house because the incident will appear on your credit report if a jury finds you guilty even when you’re innocent.

Loss of Reputation & Custody

Being accused of domestic violence can cause irreversible damage to your reputation as a community member and professional. If you have children, the accusation may force you to lose custody of your kids or limit your access to them even if a third party supervises your visits.

Loss of Finances

Being accused of domestic violence can drain your finances as well. Unless you want to settle for the services of a public defender, you’ll need to hire a domestic violence attorney to defend you. Even if you’re deemed not guilty in criminal court, your accuser may choose to sue you for damages in civil court, which can cost you thousands of dollars on top of your legal fees.

Hire Philbrook Law Office Immediately

If you’re falsely accused of domestic violence, you must take immediate action to build a defense. The first thing you should do is contact Philbrook Law Office to speak to an experienced defense lawyer. A licensed attorney is available to field incoming calls around the clock, so no matter when you’re accused of or arrested for domestic violence, help is just a phone call away.