Falls can be very dangerous. Some of the most serious injury claims successfully litigated by The Philbrook Law Office have resulted from unsafe premises conditions.

Public safety concerns dictate that when a business, municipality, or individual invite you to a premises, they have a duty to maintain a safe environment. There are many ways in which a trip/slip and fall accident can occur and lead to injury.

Many times the victim is embarrassed, blames them self, or chalks the incident up to an “accident that happens”. In reality, these are avoidable injuries, and the victim should not be made to suffer further or bear the burden as a result of an unsafe condition.

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The Philbrook Law Office has the knowledge and experience necessary to assure that you receive full and fair compensation for your case.

The Philbrook Law Office will be at your side from beginning to end, handle your case with the expertise you should expect, answer your questions, and keep you advised of developments in your case as they occur. As a veteran of dozens of jury trials, Matthew Philbrook is not afraid to take your case to trial if the insurance company is unreasonable in their offer to settle.

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What Issues to Look For

Issues that often arise after a slip and fall have to do with proof of the condition and witness information. If you are a victim or witness to a slip and fall, the following is a list of things to think about:

  1. Find the store manager and fill out an incident report.
  2. Obtain a copy of the report.
  3. Acquire the contact information (name, address, and phone numbers) of any witnesses or anyone who saw the condition of the incident.
  4. Take pictures of the scene
  5. Get the medical care that you need immediately.
  6. Contact The Philbrook Law Office to learn your legal options.
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We Can Help

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The Philbrook Law Office will provide you the best support to regain control of your wellness and what is rightfully yours. Our dream is to make you whole again. All cases are taken on a contingent fee, which means there are no out of pocket expenses to you.