Types of Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall cases have many intricacies, but negligence is almost always the first hurdle to cross when it comes to these kinds of personal injury cases. Who’s at fault is determined in a variety of ways, so take a look at the most common slip and fall accidents we see as personal injury lawyers.

Types of Slip and Fall Cases

Indoor hazards

Indoor slip and fall cases are often the result of negligenceDo you wonder why restaurants are often the plaintiffs in slip-and-fall cases? In kitchens, the grease can get trapped in the floor tiles, and hard to remove. The staff’s foot traffic will track the grease into the front of the restaurant. Catch is, many places don’t use proper chemicals; they’ll use simple soaps, which combine with the grease to actually create a slicker surface.

And then of course most of you have heard of slip and fall cases where staff failed to place a “Wet Floor” sign where they just mopped. We had a client recently where this resulted in a fractured kneecap. Because the staff failed to mark the area, our client received a hefty settlement.

Other hazards we see are things like the curled edge of a rug or loose floor mats. Improper floor maintenance can lead to a host of injuries, most prominently among older people.

Falling from a height

And then there are stairs. John Templer, an architecture professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, said, “There is no such thing as a safe stair. It just doesn’t exist”. Stairs are often built too narrow, and then are subject to becoming rounded, loose, or breaking altogether. They are a repair that can be neglected for months.

Then there’s escalators, the subject of many a horror story. The first escalator was installed in 1896, and it’s design hasn’t really improved since then. It does fall on the property owner to make sure it’s cleaned and de-greased, which can prevent catastrophic injuries.

Outdoor hazards

Slip and fall cases can occur outdoors tooProperty owners have an obligation to maintain not just the inside of the premises, but the outside as well. A common cause of outside slip and fall accidents is from ice patches. Something we’ve seen is when ice accumulates on the roof, then melts, drips off and refreezes on the ground. The cause for that ice patch? A clogged drain that wasn’t fixed by the owner.

Parking lots are unfortunately a popular place for slip and falls, as most are designed poorly. Most commonly, the lot has slopes and potholes, which leads to water accumulation and eventually ice patches.

Even worse is inadequate lighting, so you can’t see when you are nearing an ice patch.

Vancouver WA personal injury lawyer

Now, if you are injured on someone else’s property, there doesn’t have to be a lawsuit. We aren’t saying that. However, there are cases where owners are downright neglectful about their property, and it results in someone getting seriously hurt. And that’s where we go to work. Contact Philbrook Law Office for expert legal help from experienced Vancouver personal injury lawyers

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