Aggressive Advocacy Against Drug-Related DUI Charges

If you have been charged with a drug-related DUI, chances are you’re afraid of the consequences to your future and embarrassed about the incident. Family and friends finding out feels like only the start of your problems.

While drug-related DUI cases present challenges for the most seasoned lawyer, prosecutors face obstacles in proving their case as well. At the Philbrook Law Office, I provide a higher level of personalized representation.

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Protecting Your Right To Privacy

I combine an aggressive approach with confidentiality. I protect your rights while respecting your privacy following a drug-related DUI arrest. My job is to counter accusations against you with the facts of your case and fight for the best outcome.

Understanding The Relationship Between Drug Charges And Driving

Driving after having taken prescription or illegal drugs can impact your driving performance, but you can only be charged with a drug-related DUI following a blood test. If your charge was related to prescribed medication with warning labels about driving, Washington prosecutors must still prove that your tolerance level impacted your ability to drive.

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A criminal charge does not mean a conviction is imminent. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney regarding a drug-related DUI, please contact me.

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