Knowing Your Rights Is Half The Battle

The results of a field sobriety test are anything but scientific. Even if you are doing nothing wrong, a traffic stop is an anxiety-filled experience. When a person is signaled by police to pull over, their heart immediately begins to race and nerves kick in. If an officer develops any type of suspicion, next comes roadside agility and attention tests.

The best way to avoid falling victim to an over-zealous police officer, is to know your rights. You do not have to exit your vehicle during any point of a traffic stop. You also do not have to take part in field sobriety tests. An officer may not arrest a person as a result of their exercising constitutional rights to privacy. If this was to occur, contact the Philbrook Law Office. I can help.

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Ready To Defend Your Side Of The Story

If your DUI arrest resulted from the alleged results of field sobriety tests, you need an attorney experienced in breaking down the details of each test and relating this pseudo science to a jury. I understand the fear and embarrassment you may feel. I provide individualized representation and fight for the best outcome while respecting your need for confidentiality.

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You Have The Right To Refuse Field Sobriety Tests

Taking a field sobriety test is not mandatory. While I encourage anyone under investigation to cooperate with a police officer, you have the right to politely refuse the request. Submit to sobriety testing at your own peril. With more subjectivity than science involved, you could be wrongly arrested and charged with a DUI.

At the Philbrook Law Office, I get to the facts of these agility tests administered under extreme conditions. Performance that does not meet the expectations of the arresting officer can be caused by many things unrelated to intoxication.

Benefit From My Experience And Knowledge Of Field Sobriety Testing

I go beyond the results of this pseudo-science and look at all aspects of the field sobriety test. This includes a detailed investigation of the facts and a face-to-face interview with the arresting officer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publishes the manual from which field sobriety tests are supposed to be administered. It is my job to know this manual better than the police. Knowing how to spot the issues, and bring the falsities of roadside testing is key to DUI defense.

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