How to Best Avoid a Semi Truck Accident

Driving a sedan is pretty simple: the back wheels are always pointing in the direction the vehicle is moving, while the front wheels determine where it will go next. Reversing and going forward work pretty much the same. Most importantly, perhaps, you can stop within a few seconds even when traveling at speed.

Controlling a semi is operating an entirely different vehicle.

While you should certainly take every precaution you can to avoid the worst from happening, it’s probably a good idea to research your legal options should you face a truck accident in the future.

Truck Drivers: Maintenance First

Many cartage fleets require drivers to take a walk around their vehicle before every single trip. While a tire may be rated for x number of miles, road debris can still damage it at any time. A blowout at the wrong moment can make life complicated very quickly. Of particular importance are the air brakes: if these go (which they sometimes do without warning), serious problems are going to turn up. Again, regular inspections can reduce these risks.

Adjust Your Speed to the Situation

Remember, something bad may happen hundreds of yards ahead of you in an instant, and heavy vehicles aren’t known for being able to stop on a dime. Let other impatient drivers honk if necessary: you’re better being late than dead on time.

You need to assess the risk of an accident when you determine your speed. This applies to both the commercial truck driver and passenger vehicles alike.

Be Aware of Fatigue

According to some researchers, driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Apart from regulatory restrictions on how many hours truckers can log at a stretch, consider taking a break if your eyes feel sandy or your arms feel heavy. A 10-minute walk or cup of coffee might be just what you need.

If you’re driving a passenger vehicle, do so with the assumption that the trucker in your vicinity is not as alert as he or she should be.

Profits and pileups

Not getting to your destination on time will affect your reputation; smashing through a family car will end it, permanently.

Many of the precautions you should take cost time, money or both. That said, you need to be aware of how bad any accident involving an 18-wheeler is likely to be. Photos are available on the Internet, in case you or your boss still don’t get the point.

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