Your Advocate Following A Serious Car Accident

You don’t leave for work or to run some errands thinking that you will become involved in an accident. If your life is suddenly turned upside down by a car accident, you can count on the Philbrook Law Office to help you.

My firm was founded to help good people through tough times. If you or a loved one was involved in an auto accident, I will be at your side investigating the cause of the accident and its total impact on your life. My goal is to maximize the amount of compensation you need to achieve a full personal injury recovery.

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Why You Need Legal Representation

You may think contacting a lawyer to file a car accident claim is unnecessary — that’s what the insurance companies will tell you. However, putting an attorney on your side means you have a personal advocate who will verify the facts of the case, rather than taking the insurance company’s word for it.

I will gather all necessary evidence, from accident reports to eyewitness accounts of the accident, to tell your side of the story. The insurance company will have their own investigators and claims adjusters out on the scene seeking to minimize your claim. I will fight in your corner, protecting your interests from start to finish. I will be your personal injury attorney.

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When Car Accidents Result In Tragedy

The most tragic cases are those where someone is killed prematurely. This is common in highway crashes, accidents caused by texting and driving or accidents involving semitrucks.

I fully appreciate that pursuing a financial claim is likely the last thing on your family’s mind. That is why I will take care of the legal details on your behalf — investigating the accident scene, talking to witnesses, gathering accident reports and other records, and representing your family’s interests to the insurance company and at-fault parties. In doing so, I not only seek compensation for you, but also a sense of closure and justice.

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